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Demand Management for Households

ecopeak connects households and utilties via the ecopeak app. The app is free for households and a SaaS-product for electricity providers

The ecopeak app allows your household customers to adapt their electricity consumption with respect to the fluctuating generation of renewable energy. For you this means optimized load profiles and grid utilization, as well as improved customer relationships and reduced costs.

App Features

  • The eco score throughout the day as an app widget

    Visual indicators for your customers

    Incentives for your customers to save or use electricity at the right times. Relying on wholesale price, grid usage or CO₂ as a signal.

  • The best charging times displayed as an app widget

    Optimal charging times

    Load shifting by deliberately charging electric vehicles. Adapted to your customers preferences and the stability of the grid.

  • Badges for users in the app

    Community and Gamification

    Social features and gamification. Motivated your household customers by integrating communal projects such as planting new city trees.

  • The best charging times displayed as an app widget

    Smarthome and IoT

    Allows your customers to combine flexibility and convenience. From wallbox to smart plugs: ecopeak integrates smart home and IoT.

Benefits for municipalities, the grid and energy suppliers

Become a pioneer in the energy transition with ecopeak. Energy retail, grid management and customer relationship ready for the future.

Visualization of generation data as an app widget Visualization of generation data as an app widget

Integration into your app

Tailored widgets for your existing app solutions. Integrated via webviews, iframes or as native widgets.

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