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Save energy when it's most important. Use energy when it's greenest.

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Towards sustainable electricity with the ecopeak app.

The ecopeak app helps you to make your electricity usage more flexible. You can use electricity when it is particularly sustainable and save when it is expensive and harmful to the environment.

Notifications and CO₂ forecast as displayed in the ecopeak app.
  • Informed

    When is electricity the greenest? And when is it most important to save energy? Our dashboard keeps you up to date.

  • Notified

    We let you know when it's most important to save energy. And conversely, when solar and wind power makes electricity particularly sustainable. Together with others, you can help protect the environment and support the energy transition.

  • Rewarded

    Using electricity in sync with renewable generation does not only contribute to a sustainable future but also saves costs. You should benefit from that. Soon, we can reward you for your contributions.

Why we need to rethink electricity

Solar and wind energy fluctuate with the weather and so does the electricity mix. By adapting our use to the availability of renewable energies, we contribute the energy transition and a sustainable future!

Generation of electricity from wind energy throughout the day illustrates strong fluctuations

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The transition towards sustainable energy can only achieved if we work together. By adapting your usage of electricity you help protect our environment and bring us one step closer to climate neutrality.

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